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Tom Meadows is a drummer who changes genres and styles with each new gig,

but it all comes down to one thing - making music.

His love of melody comes from his classical studies of the violin, starting at the age of four, he then made his move in to the rhythmic world in his early teens. Early explorations of drumming took him in to the worlds of jazz and latin music, and he began his playing career in the clubs of London’s burgeoning Acid Jazz scene. He started touring the UK and Europe with Double Vision, then signed to the Acid Jazz label, soon after.

A few years later, he met one of his biggest musical influences, Mark Roberts, who encouraged him to explore different musical genres and new approaches to playing. This led to time spent touring with Jamie Hince (The Kills) in the band Fiji, and soon after the Alt-Folk/Country artist Rosalie Deighton. There then followed two years with the rock/metal band Apes, Pigs & Spacemen, promoting their new record Free Pawn.

Tom moved in to the world of pop music after that, recording tracks for ex-Spice Girl Emma Bunton, and touring the UK and Europe with Lucie Silvas in support of her debut album Breathe In. In 2006, he played for Girls Aloud on their Chemistry tour, and appears on the resulting Greatest Hits Live at Wembley DVD.

He also performed with them at their UK festival debut (V 2006) and at the inaugural Vodafone Live Music Awards. Later that year, Tom joined Lucie Silvas in the studio to record her second album ‘The Same Side’, produced by Danton Supple (producer of Coldplay’s X&Y). Alongside continued work with Lucie and Girls Aloud, he also began performing with Jamelia, promoting her album ‘Walk With Me’.

In 2007, he joined Duffy’s band, touring the world in support of her multi-million selling debut record Rockferry.

In 2010, he joined French electro-pop artist Christophe Willem’s band to tour and promote his second album Cafeine.

At the end of 2010, he joined Kylie Minogue’s band to promote her Aphrodite album, in advance of her 2011 Aphrodite Les Follies world tour.

Worked with

I’ve had the pleasure of performing and
recording with the following artists


  • Fiji
  • Apes, Pigs and Spacemen
  • Beulah
  • Rosalie Deighton
  • Michelle Escoffrey
  • Karen Ramirez

I’ve had the pleasure of recording
with the following artists


  • Mads Hauge
  • Steve Osbourne

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Interview with Mike Dolbear on

Having spent the early part of his career honing the talents of others and developing some of Britain’s most promising musicians as part of the Drumtech School Tom Meadows finds himself in the enviable position of having worked with Lucie Silvas, Girls Aloud and now world wide multi platinum selling artist Duffy as she continues the promotion of her world wide smash debut album Rockferry. I caught up with Tom on a well deserved but rarely possible break from touring as he reflected on the last 18 months, the future ahead and his past successes and influences.

Tell us your plotted history, did bands or teaching come first, where did the practise and the teaching cross over and where do you think were the key moments where you made the decision to do a particular job?

It’s interesting actually because, as it’s still relatively fresh, I can see clear choices and clear branches. I’ve been in bands since I was 16 years old, when I was 17 I played in a band that were signed to the Acid Jazz label, unfortunately that whole style, that culture, was starting to die as the now-burgeoning dance and, specifically actually, drum and bass scene arrived, so bands like Galliano who were the vanguard of acid jazz music, were starting to experiment with drum and bass breaks so the whole sound was shifting; it was becoming more dance and club orientated.

So that was about the time I was finishing school, finishing A levels and I was like ‘Right OK I’m going to be a musician’. I got one offer from Middlesex University and I decided not to do that and at the time I had been offered the teaching role in the school I was actually doing my A Levels at…



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Modern Drummer Article



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